Thursday, August 8, 2013

Travelogue: Japan- Osaka (Namba) (2)

As a continuity from the previous post, this is Shinsaibashi shopping arcade :) A lot of local or international brands are available here. The outlets of Forever 21 & H&M are located at here as well.
After shopping for quite a while, it's time for desserts! Oh my, I fell in love with their desserts lols. I might as well grow fat and die of craving the desserts here! Red beans konnyaku and chestnut cake :) Really cater my sweet tooth, not so sweet though lols.
Then, we went to Amerika-mura. Why it's Amerika-mura? Look at the photo below hahah! It also features all the western outlets.
Lego! ;)
Spotted the lego flowers that I used to play last time when I built house with lego! Ended up all the flowers were missing due to the small sizes :'(
Japanese people are so creative. Their creativity can be even shown through an ordinary pole =D
Alright, back to Dotonbori area after a short visit to Amerika-mura. At night, Dotonbori is dotted with neon lights and exaggerating advertisement boards :) Look at all the cute seafood ;) You can know what's the shop selling from far hahah.

A random photo of the cute costumes for adults. They actually wear this?! I doubt it....... lols. I guess it's for TV show or what not ;P
*drum rolled* the famous Takoyaki!!!! I really really love this infinitely! This is so different from the takoyaki in Malaysia! The outer layer is chewy and a bit crunchy, then the hot inner fillings are so soft and smooth with a big chunk of octopus. Omg they melted in my mouth, I missed them so much!! Lovely and delicious takoyaki! No joke!
Our dinner- ramen! Springy noodles with tasteful pork rib soup. I miss this too :'( In Osaka, the foods are not really expensive. Of course it's more expensive than the hawker foods in Malaysia lol. The prices ranged from RM15-30 for most of the food outlets. However, the price is extremely reasonable for me in terms of the fresh and varied ingredients that they put in the dishes and the big portion! The foods are tasty too no matter which shop that you choose, they are all good in quality and quantity!
 Alright, this is the ending of my first day in Namba, Osaka =D These are my shopping haul of the day!
Most of the sunscreen only cost around RM20, and the same price goes for Kate eyeliner, Kissme mascara (free mascara remover) and Liese hair treatment oil respectively. 

Till then, xoxo,
Su Fang


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LEGOOOO! Free to take a picture... lol... that's too polite! Hahaha... i wanna go to OSAKA too! :D

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