Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

It was Christmas eve and guess where were we =.= Gurney Plaza ~~~ roaming~~~~ and my friend was searching for a nice watch for her husband *sweet newly-weds*

Then we had our dinner at The Ship, it was 10pm and yet we had to queue up to get into the restaurant. Wow.

My friends ordered Christmas set dinner and I had myself a black mushroom steak. After all I don't really like steak, chewed until my gums pain even i didn't order 100% cooked. Oh, feeling OLD. Well, all the youngsters were getting hype up at pub or club, or some count down parties or events but I had no mood for all that. Just want to meet my old besties and have a great time of chatting and sharing. Maybe it sounds boring but I just like it *winks*

Actually we planned to leave before 12am and here comes the funniest part. My auto old wira suddenly, wt*, no reaction at all!!! No light, no signal, NOTHING!!! And while we were checking the engine, so called checking actually we knew nothing (3 girls *_*), we got to see the fireworks not far from here because it was 12am!!! hahaha.. Guess my car wanted to celebrate Christmas badly~

Luckily the person in charged at the car park came and helped~ To start the engine, laugh at us, ask us to stay in Penang to celebrate Christmas and persuade me to change the old car at the same time. And guess what, I reached home at around 2am =.=

What a 'Special' day. *Merry Christmas to Me and to You*


jfook said...

You changed your blog add har? Mmm...Cos I clicked the link on my blog then showed "blog not found". Don't stop writing ok? Like your blog a lot. :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Hey tHankssssss!! yaya, wont change anymore, Permanent

Lydia Chong said...

this will be a memorable day forever!!! haha