Sunday, January 3, 2010


Had a great weekend for New Year celebration.

Spent New Year eve at Ikea and The Curve, wish the showroom in Ikea is my house, greedy huh? haha...

Then at The Curve, searched so hard for dinner, every corner was fulled of people and the restaurants only served expensive lousy New Year Set Dinner and we ended up in Subway, lame *-*

We tried to avoid the crowd by sitting in Dome...zzz... I was sipping coffee and capturing photos, she was browsing magazine, he was surfing net and.....zz... Then YaY 12am, fireworks time!!! I made all my way here just for the fireworks, I love it so much~

Then the 2nd day,lunch at Ampang, the famous Yong Tou Fuh, then shopping spree at Sunway Pyramid. Too bad, we were exhausted and sleepy, and worse, cannot get anything that we like. Lacked of glucose, craved for sweets in Honeymoon. Dinner at TGI Fridays and we all agreed that the food in Chillis is better.

3rd day, Genting Highland. Enjoyed the free air-con, it was very misty that day, can't even see the road clearly. What we did there? Watched movie and walked around. The miserable thing, my friend lost her cellphone, what a tragedy. This made us the way to the security room and had a talk with the police officers, good *-* Okay, what I wanna say is, every cloud has a silver lining. Great things will happen ahead after this incident, cheer up my friend^^

Off to The Mines now, my friend is going to buy a new phone and retrieve her sim card~


EeVon said...

yea had a great weekend with you!happy new year gal..we ll hav a great year ahead rite?*hugs!

SuFang (Careen) said...

Yaa.. sure^^ a happy year, YAY!

Anonymous said...

well..finally i found ur blog!!! haha.. is really a great weekend though i lost the lovely phone... haha... cheers~~~