Monday, February 8, 2010

♥ Weekend

Had a great weekend with my friends.
I were about to post an entry yesterday but too bad can’t online for whole day. Stupid Uspot, lame.
Well, after the test on Friday, we went to Kajang for dinner. 21st Century is situated on a hill, the food there is so nice and cheap- we ordered Mix Grill Cheese Steamboat, fresh oysters and lamb chop. It’s so serene and windy + I love the night view~

Then, the next morning, 4am out of the bed, rise and ‘shine’, off to Broga Hill with my coursemates. SO SO SO windy there, I was so worried of my roomie, seemed gonna blew off by the wind, LOL. Then we had our breakfast in Sri Serdang, DIM SUM. And we went to Beryl’s. I bought my favourite dark choc and mint dark choc. So happy as it was the first time for so many of us to went out together for such a nice outing.

After that, spent my day at One Utama. Just bought a tee from Forever 21. I bet I won’t go there anymore after 21, just like I won’t read Seventeen magazine after my 17. LOLLLL.. I should praise myself for being so brave to have my haircut (from LONG to SHORT). It costs around rm65 for a haircut in other saloons, the shop I went- Infinity is around RM45 for senior cut. It’s quite expensive for me actually but since I seldom cut my hair outside, I gave it a try (my mom used to cut my hair, she was a hairstylist). I told her, I don’t want my hair to be too short, but she insisted shorter would be nice. So she tried her best to make it looks long at the side. LOL

Sunday. Actually I planned to rest and do my assignments. BUT… but… whole day can’t online, STUPIAKKKKK… making me so bored, I watched Hannah Montana with my lappy. Okay, I admit I am so so so OUTDATED, I just watched Hannah Montana YESTERDAY but it’s a nice and meaningful movie. I love the part when she was singing with her dad, the butterfly-fly-away song, *tears fillin*. I miss my dad and mommy. I miss home ;(

"You tuck me in, turned out the light

Kept me safe and sound at night
Little girls depend on things like that

Brushed my teeth and combed my hair
Had to drive me everywhere
You were always there when I looked back

You had to do it all alone
Make a living, make a home
Must have been as hard as it could be

But when I couldn't sleep at night
Scared things wouldn't turn out right
You would hold my hand and sing to me

Caterpillar in the tree
How you wonder who you'll be
can't go far but you can always dream
Wish you may and wish you might
don't you worry, hold on tight
I promise you there will come a day
Butterfly fly away
Butterfly fly away (Butterfly fly away)

Got your wings, now you can't stay
Take those dreams and make them all come true
Butterfly fly away (Butterfly fly away)
you've been waiting for this day
All along and know just what to do"

Then msg came *v* my friend said wanna go have dinner outside. WOW. Cure my boredom and emo. We went to The Mines for dinner and watched Tooth Fairy. So FUNNY, laughed my head off, OMG, I like the fairy’s attire and all the little tools. LOL.
A long post about my weekend. Mourn for my saving account, my money bid farewell to me, quivering their wings =.=


Mean said...

eat so much... fat ...
21st centuary.... next time mux go have dinner at there...

jfook said...

Nice place..LOL