Wednesday, June 30, 2010


#7. Little India
Basically I just went there to SEE. Haha because that time not much people around there. It's a street with many Indians- food, jewelery, garment, craft and more^^

#8. Reclining Buddha Temple
It has an unique blend of chinese, burmese and thai architectural design. Didn't take the photo of buddha as a respect.

#9. Queensbay Mall
Must go there, perfect place of shopping spree!!! Many sales when I went, CROCS is full of people because having some stock clearance super sales~ Billabong, Quicksilver and Roxy with up to 70% sales! Bought a Billabong purse with 70% discount~ yohoo^^ After shopping, you can walk around at the beach opposite, view the kites flying~

BATU FERRINGGI- A tranquil retreat from hustle and bustle from city.

#10. Tropical Spice Garden
It's my first time to be there. It's a landscaped garden that consists of 500 varieties of tropical spices and herbs. Before entering, we are required to put on the lemon grass oil given by them to avoid mosquitoes bite. Anyway, I'm bitten by mosquitoes, 6 times!!! Oops..

#11. Butterfly's Farm
It's world 1st butterfly sanctuary. It's a live museum for public education and research centre for breeding development.

Giant millipedes. Yucks~

Mating.. Woopsss!

Tell u, this is cool. Man Face Bug!!!

#12. Hard Rock Hotel
A luxury resort, adorned with music, art and fashion. The design there is artsy and classy. Like it very much. Cheapest room cost rm700 but will have discount if book online^^

#13. Sunset Bistro
It's located on the beach at Batu Feringgi. Love the pleasant ambience there. Listening to wind and waves while taking sip of drink^^ Too dark over there so the pics are not clear =.=


v!vi@n said...

wow..the spice garden!!! i wanna go..i never noe pg got spice garden one..LOL...

Jaerragus said...

Gotta check out that tropical spice garden....

SuFang (Careen) said...

@vivian and jaerragua: it's worth visiting^^

Ken Wooi said...

penang food is the best.. and the spice garden is new to me, must check it out =)

Koh Kian Fai said...

lulz nice photo!

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

The spice garden and the butterfly's farm. LOL! Must go next time ;)

You should try out the Summer Garden & Ferringhi Garden.

Mad awesome the food. And not to mention having dinner in the pretty garden ;)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Now you're making me wanna go penang too! Nice review c:

SuFang (Careen) said...

@fish: would luV to try tat out =)
@hilda milda: Thankie^^