Saturday, August 28, 2010


Watched Grown Ups and Descent 2 during weekend.

I truly feel that GROWN UPS is a warm and meaningful movie. A respectful coach passed away and his previous champion teammates met. After 30 years, the grown ups together reminisce their childhood and share their current stories. They teach their children lessons of life, cherish the moments to be with their loves. It tells us to forgive, forget and forgo unhappy time, yet value everything we have learnt from it. Treasure every little things in our life and daily events may be lifelong lessons for us.

On the other hand, Descent 2 is a totally opposite movie. With all the bloody violence scenes, it makes me feel nausea especially when seeing the blood oozing out like tomato sauce. I have my excessive heart beating and feel like sweating when watching and screaming, hoping the characters escape away from that shitty cave with their all efforts. Anyway, it is a high rated movie and I think you should watch it. Be prepared to be scared~

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Chris said...

I like descent 2, really nice~