Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kimchiharu (Jaya One)

Korean cuisine restaurant, the price is reasonable. U will like it if u like Korean food but unfortunately me not likey Korean cuisine. LOL.

The interior of it is simple yet comfortable and has a homely ambience. They have a TV showing all the Korean TV programmes. There are varieties of choices but noodles are only available until 5.30 p.m.

I’ve ordered the only noodle available for dinner time, erm… cold cold one like ice.. hmm, with sweet sauce.. I can say it’s weird for me but my friends said it’s OKAY =.= My friends ordered some sort of stir fry chicken with rice and curry rice.. I forget the name in Korean, paiseh.. Erm, the rice with chicken is okay.. I love the curry but feel nauseous if eating too much.. Haha… But the environment there is really nice, give many many stars for that.

Seriously I don't like the noodles below, it's too cold!

See her expression? ^_^

7 comments: said...

Woo, I love korean food, especially Kimchi :). I should probably give this place a try.

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Lols is it supposed to be good or bad? :) How's the pricing?

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thristhan: Ya, should give it a try~
Rolling Fumbling Thug: Haha, bad for me.. The price ranged from RM15 to RM20.~

Mean said...

gal... is fry pork.. not chicken..
haha.. @.@ blur blur..

Chris said...

i like Korean foods too. How is it? Nice?

SuFang (Careen) said...

mean, not chicken aa? aiya.. paiseh..

chris: it's not bad but not ngam me cz i dun like korean food except their instant noodles.. LOL

J-Co said...

Tatz a cold plate serving. Btw, would suggest u better try some hotplate stuff next time..(^.^)