Thursday, September 9, 2010


Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is located near Ampang Look Out Point, it's quite isolated and you have to go through a narrow bumpy road, yet need to pay RM2 for parking area that's in bad condition.
We go there at night~ There's a pond in the middle for fish farming. It seems like a village with atap and all the lights.
We order Tom Yam Seafood, Kangkung with Onion and Lemon Grass Chicken!!
The food there is delicious, at least I think it's not bad compared to other Thai restaurants (I'm Thai cuisine LOVER). Too bad it's way too SALTY!! So if you wanna eat there, remember to ask them spare some salt. LOL

Dessert!! Mango Sticky Rice!! Wee.. But I just like to eat sticky rice, so my friend helps me eat all the mangoes :S
We spend around RM60+ for foods and drinks. For me it's not expensive because the portion is very big so can be shared by 4 people. We just 2 people so eat until stomach bloated and nearly cant walk!! LOL, don't want to waste the foods ma..

Next, we go to Ampang Look Out Point because it is very near there. It's crowded at night, so we just snap some photos and leave.

Remember to try it out!! More worth if go with more people!


Jaerragus said...

Hmm.. Thai food eh... but RM2 for parking is that too much?? But the look out point seems cool....

Anonymous said... sticky rice??haha i wanna try it

SiMon Har said...

wow! mango sticky rice!

look out point is amazing, i went there twice and want to go there again!

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Jaerragus: Yaya, plus the parking area is rocky and bumpy and in bad condition =(

@kevin and simon: I like mango sticky rice! U guys must try it ^^

The One said...

The last photo, which is the view.. Is nice^^

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thx Maxloon^^

The One said...

Ur most welcome^^