Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Orang Asli Village (Nutritional Intervention)

Photos of the moment (Captured in Kampung Orang Asli Sg Lalang Baru, Semenyih)

During this 3 weeks in-campus training, we planned and organized an intervention in this village of suku Temuan. We taught the children the correct ways to wash their hands and brush their teeth, some basic knowledge on food pyramid, boil water before drink it and told them to wear shoes while playing to avoid worm infection.

All of this basic knowledge seem easy for us but somehow difficult and unfamiliar for them. Mothers rarely teach their children on the aspects of sanitation and personal hygiene due to low education level and lack of knowledge. They even do not have complete flushing system or toilet. They also live in poverty with monthly income of less than RM500.

But what I can see from them is the sense of belonging to this beautiful village. They feel blessed and contented to live in this peaceful and serene village. Life is simple but happy. And that can't be seen in the city where we are living.

p/s: more update on the intervention soon.

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