Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Voyage of my internship at National Sports Institute (9th May- 8th July 2011)

This is the video that I made for my internship's final presentation. You could see how much impact this internship gave me :D A great memory! First time making a video. Don't laugh at me :))
Plus showing off a bit here- photos taken with coaches and elite athletes :D

#1 Coach Rexy. He's really friendly and nice!!!!! Me likey him!!!
#2 Datuk Lee Chong Wei. He seems to be shy but actually he's not! He's funny and naughty when people is asking him questions seriously!
#3 Tan Boon Heong. He's is a cool dude. Really cool. I feel scare to approach him.#4 Koo Kien Kiet. Another cool dude. He's like scolding duno how many Xs bad words in the court LOL
#5 Hafiz Hashim. He's so CUTE!
#6 Ong Beng Hee. He's extremely polite and friendly! He even apologized to us bcoz he's sweating and wet when we're asking for photography! He'll greet and smile to us when he's around for fitness training! *heart melting*
#7 Azizul. The famous young cyclist is so cute and polite :) #8 Zaquan. Football team is so hot now!
#9 Coach Rajagopal. He was taken aback when we asked for photography haha.
#10 Elvin Chia and Alex Lim, the ex elite swimmers seem to become "meaty" a bittt :P
#11 Khoo Cai Ling. She's very pretty and clever!
#12 Chui Lai Kwan. She looks like Caucasian, cute and adorable but she's really naughty :P
Got to see all the elite players are not the priority for me since I'm not a big fans of sports. But this internship really teaches me a lot of things and every day is a new experience and excitement for me. I really respect the staffs in ISN as they're all having very high spirit and really professional in committing their jobs.
Well done to them and I really feel proud when they praised us as the best batch of interns throughout all the years *blush*. All the efforts paid by us in accomplishing the tasks, assignments and presentations were not in vain! They even asked us to work in ISN after graduating next year, but I think I wanna further my study and hopefully in overseas :D Credit to my teammates as they are real good working partners to be and I had lotsa fun hanging around with them :D
Now I begin to miss the time in ISN. Miss the small messy office with the chatters of interns and new staffs. Miss the time when I'm sitting at the audience seat of badminton stadium and hearing the funny conversation between players and the seriousness plus perspiration which made many T shirts gone wet due to the harsh training. I enjoy the time sitting at National Aquatic Centre while watching the practice of swimmers, divers jumping from the diving board and syncronized swimmers with the beautiful movements in water. All the experience just can't be obtained by any other chance unless I'm a sports nutritionist or sports scientist or any staff there.

Stadium Juara, Bukit Kiara (the training court for national badminton team)
National Aquatic Centre (the place that I like most :))
Being a part of this big family is a great experience. I went through the interview and working experience, the hard time can be brutal sometimes but all the wonderful persons around me just made it bearable :D



Koh Kian Fai said...

hahaha so bad meaty swimmer :P

jfook said...

the meaty part is funny.. =D

Eudora Priscilla said...

nice :D

ziyino said...

i like the video:)

XtasyM said...

wow... great experience

J-Co said...

Nice video ^o^ can feel your devoted effort in it.
Btw, you are such a lucky gal to have the opportunity to mingle in such a flexible interns environment :-) Envy envy haha

howdy said...

nice one. the swimming pool looks very fammiliar

photography blog

Hilda Milda™ said...

You've met a number of national players! *envy* Hope I can ahve internship one day or even work with them :D

PYee Ng said...

yerrr. so nice la. you met badminton players! >.< i bet u had fun! :)

carmentancw said...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei!!!

Dorry Loo said...

Hey Careen, you just post the joy and funny time in ISN but didn't mentioned in details how hard and tough your internship in ISN... Haha.. People will think that you have easy time in ISN... Anyway thanks for effort and times in Sports Nutrition Centre ISN...

kyrul said...


Hanie Adzman said...

Hye, Su Careen, Kak Hanie, from ISN here. I want to ask for your permisson to use this video for a talk in UPM to your junior own how internship in ISN look like.

Can I, plz... =)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thanks all for the comments :)

@Ms. Loo: So surprised that you read this post! haha~ we keep the best and beautiful memory in heart!:D I don't think it's tought cuz I really had a lot of fun there. Gotta let others know how fun is that :D

@Abang Kyrul: ISN is NICE! You know thst well haha

@Kak Hanie: Sure sure I'll love that :D thanks for visiting my blog~