Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pearson Publication wanna buy my blog's photo?

Received an email on one random evening when I browsed through the net.

I was actually taken aback and thought that somebody is gonna sue me due to the copyright issue LOL turned out it was Pearson Publication in Singapore trying to get my photo during the visit to Yakult company. However, the photo was not taken by me actually and it was my friend. After negotiating through several emails with the person in charged, she told me the photo costs around S$5? So I've decided to give her foc since it's for the textbook for university students like us (although I know they earned a lot from us LMAO). So let's check out the next volume of Principle of Marketing :S since my sis is studying economics in NTU, she might comes across it in the future.

This is the photo requested by her- different Yakult packaging over the world. Obviously it's because of the word SINGAPORE on it lo.

They attached the copyright permission request letter to me too but I forgot to send them back =.=
Anyway I didn't attach my real name or contact number to them in order to be credited in the text book, I think it's unnecessary. Have I done a good deed or what? And of course I told my friend aka the photographer about this too. Kinda unbelievable that a random shot to be much useful for others.


Koh Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh :) anyways U should tell them to credit your bloglink and your friend nick name :)

so . . . you know what am I trying to tell yah hehe

SuFang (Careen) said...

Yeah lo! I got think of that but didn't ask for it. Wasted hahahaa said...

Wahh, so nice of you to give it off for free :). If me sure sapu kau kau already.

J-Co said...

Wow, copyright permission is so tedious. Thx for sharing :-)