Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mickey Mouse Fair 2012

I'm sure most of you have been to Mid Valley for the Mickey Mouse Fair 2012. Frankly I didn't know about this but I happened to be in Mid Valley after Nutrition Conference (I skipped the second half of the conference for the PC Expo in Mid Valley #bad me) during its launching party on the very first day of the fair. 

There was such a huge crowd on that day so surely all of us were enthralled by this little cute mouse :) Mickey is always my favourite Disney character especially the old black and white version (in case you know it, the one without sound- mickey can't speak by that time!)

So let's see the different styles of Mickey!

#1 This is creative! Mickey with a mini mickey!
#2 Donald mickey! Don't doubt this, this is mickey lol
#3 My favourite design.. guan gong mickey! lolol
#4 Pearl mickey
#5 Lace mickey
#6 This one...hmm.. I wonder whether it's from the same designer as pearl and lace mickey lol
#7 I'm so in love with this green grass mickey! So environment friendly lol make me wanna water them
#8 haha another cute mickey! Thieves!
 #9 The giant mickey at the center of the exhibition.
 #10 Black and white mickey
#11 Alright I guess the main focus here is the cute lil boy staring at mickey haha
#11 The warrior mickey
#12 Super star wow
 #13 Caveman mickey?
#14 This is artistic. I love the sketch.
 #15 Clown mickey doesn't look like mickey anymore
 #16 And lastly mickey in the garment store! So CUTE I wanna take this home...!

For those who have not gone for this yet, the fair will be held until September. So worry not, still a long time to go and mickey is waiting for you :)


Xue Ren said...

OMG Mickey Exhibition! ME WANT TO GO! =P

nicccchang said...

I love mickey so much and i cnt go and see. :-(

Henry Tan said...

guan gong mickey also got?! really speechless! LOL