Friday, August 29, 2014

Travelogue: Japan- Nara (Day 5)

The next day we travelled to Nara from Kyoto by rapid train. We bought Nara one day pass, which included train fares and discounts on some tourism spots. It took approximately 40 minutes to reach Nara. Nara is my another favourite destination. Love the lush green sceneries with wild deers that can be seen everywhere. The relaxing ambiance and afternoon breeze made me miss this place so much! 

Nara one day pass
My companion throughout the journey
Selfie in the train :)
In Nara, most of the attractions are located surrounding Nara Park. Once you have alighted from the train, you could just walk to the park within minutes, and here you go, all the wild Sika Deers around you! Crackers for the deers (Shika senbei) were sold at the park; however, beware if you are going to feed them as they can be very agitated when they see food! The Sika Deers are believed to be the messengers of god in Shinto religion, so they can be seen roaming freely in Nara.
Another must-visit spot is Todaiji. It is a renowned landmark in Nara, as the world largest wooden building. It also houses a 15m bronze buddha. Interestingly, the support pillar in the temple is considered as "healing pillar". It is believed that if one successfully squeezes through it (which is mostly impossible, unless you're a small kid),  he/she is granted a place in heaven.

Another deer spotted at the vicinity of Todaiji
The interior of the temple
The pillar that I have mentioned earlier. Don't even try to go through it if you are an adult XD
The bronze buddha (*photography is allowed in this temple :))
Group photo before leaving
Lastly, the Sika deer maskot of Nara at the train station

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