Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hi 2015!

In a blink of eyes, which I literally mean it, 2014 has come to an end. 2014 was not a good year, at least for all Malaysians. Tragedies happened after tragedies here in Malaysia and around the world, plane went missing or crashed, flash flood, land slide, economic recession, ISIS, terrorism, wars, and many more. It was indeed heart-stricken when receiving these news. For the first time when I read all the news of the missing plane, tears rolled down from my eyes, especially when I read the letter from the pilot's daughter.  Yes, we may not be affected by it, we still continue our routines, chill out with our friends and enjoy our life. But for once if we slow down our pace and think, what if we are one of those who got affected? What would it be? I wish I can do something for them. Hence, for the very first time, I wish, I can turn the clock back to the old times, reversed all the bad things that have struck us. I also wish I can wave 2014 good bye as soon as possible to embrace the brand new good year, which I hope it would be one.

I guess 2014 was an average year for me. Everything was in an extremely fast pace in 2014. I held tight to my own principles, and not to go against my own wills, no matter it is regarding my studies, or to the people that I have encountered. Try not to be a hater, learn something good from everyone in order to improve myself. Treat people whole-heartedly and sincerely. Respect is to be earned if you want it. Have been seeing all kinds of dramas in the past few years. Things slowly get better recently. Still the same thought, the more you share, the more you learn. No point in reaching your goal by stepping on others with egocentricity, because at the end of the day things will prove you wrong when you feel the emptiness in yourself #if you know what this means. It's just like people always ask me why would you study medicine, after all you have had your first degree. Believe me or not, I wanted to do so with no other reasons, except that I want to do something meaningful for the rest of my life instead of chasing some monthly targets monetarily which I'm not pretty fond of doing so at this point of my life. It's definitely not something related to being a doctor is more successful than others, or to prove than I'm better. Since every occupation has its own strength and limitations, so ultimately interest is still the most important consideration. Yes, sometimes I may regret with my own choice by blaming my limited memory space and lacked of patience or discipline, but it's just a temporary self denial state. Lol. 

Anyway I got to travel to few places with my family and friends, and I truly hope that I can do that more often, to spend more quality time with my loved ones. Putting aside my over-think-negative-mind, I am blessed to be where I be today. Slowly, I checked off the boxes of my wish-list. This year, 2015, I wish more and more good news will come. Time to step out from my comfort zone to reach where I want to be in the future. 

So, 2015, please be good to me, and to everyone around me.

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