Sunday, February 7, 2016

Travelogue: Japan- Kyoto (Day 6)

Kyoto is my favourite place in Kansai. I truly enjoy every moment there from cycling around the city to a stroll along the well preserved street at Gion. I guess the reason why I love here so much is the antiquity, harmony atmosphere and warm hospitality that we may not be getting in other places. Living in KL for a long time isn't a great thing, too much of modernity sometimes make me wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of this city. Another point that I observe here is the way they dress up themselves. Although there are a lot of fashionistas here, but rarely you would see they carry branded stuffs from western countries. They always have their own styles and sense of fashion. Of course I love Malaysia and I'm not really a pro-Jp, but I guess there are so much things that we could learn from them. 

Alright, back to Kyoto. Basically we visited few famous shrines here. The most exciting part is we cycled in the city! I would say it is kind of dangerous to do so since Kyoto is quite a big city with busy roads. I'm not sure what was in my mind that time but it was really fun to do so! We got lost in the city too but managed to find a way back, the most embarrassing part is we sometimes did not know where to PARK OUR BICYCLES. Lols! They have strict rules and regulation there whereby you only can stop your bicycle at designated areas. I remember we were so hungry and wanted to have lunch in 餃子の王将 (gyoza restaurant). We were forced to ask the waiter on where should we stop the bicycles, but he didn't have a clue about it. Then I saw a lot of bicycles near the subway station despite there was a sign showing a big cross to bicycles. Due to extreme hungriness and desperation, we stopped the bicycles there, ran to the restaurant for a big meal and quickly went back there hoping that the bicycles won't be disappeared in the next moment. So much fun to explore around by ourselves!

Alright, Photos time!


Chosen a pink bicyle! So cute right! 

Shrines hopping!

Spot the Kyoto Tower!

One of my favourite spots in Kyoto! Kiyomizudera temple which is located in a mountain, the view is so magnificent.

The beautiful streets around the temple

 Another renowned temple in Kyoto- Kinkaku-Ji

I guess all these were the most significant sites that I have been, of course there are more photos in my album :) I would really recommend y'all to go to Japan, it's my most memorable trips of all. 


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